CFx vapes vs pax 2 vaporizers

The year 2017 would certainly earn a land mark in the vaping industry, as new and improved vapes are hitting the market on a daily basis. This influx of new varieties into the market increases the competition between different vape types , hence the need to write reviews and make logical comparisons so as to enable vapers particularly newbies in the industry get a good vaping experience by purchasing good quality vaporizers. The boundless and the pax are two vaporizer giants that have undoubtedly added value to the vaping industry with innovative and outstanding vaporizers.

In this review/ comparison article, we intend to compare and contrast between the finest vaporizers produced by the house of the boundless and the pax labs. This vaporizers are the boundless CF Vaporizer and the pax 2 vaporizers. These vaporizers stayed successful in the market for a long while before their successors arrived the market. Fasten your seat belt guys, as this article promises to be very interesting.

These two vaporizers upon their respective release dates witnessed a huge patronage from fans all over the world and pax 2 particularly won several awards because of the tremendous successes that it witnessed. Despite the fact that the successor of the pax 2 which is the pax 3 possesses extra features more powerful than those of the pax2, the pax 2 vaporizers is still seen and believed to be a world class vape as it still records commendable patronage till date. To buttress this point, many of my friends would still not let go of their pax 2 units despite obvious and notable modifications incorporated into the pax 3 vape.

Do not be quick to ruling out the boundless CFx, probably because the pax 2 has experienced an amazing success over the years or because it has several awards in its shelves. You would be getting it wrong because the boundless CFx manufactured simultaneously with the boundless CF came in to the industry and satisfied the cravings of the vaping community in terms of power, efficiency, cost effectiveness and overall performance. The CFx today ranks among the strongest portable vaporizers in the market which gained popularity because of its ability to be operated on both conduction and convection heating methods. Though it basically employs conduction for pre- heating the herb chamber while convection produces the clouds.

Let’s take a look at the design and portability of this two amazing devices. The pax 2 vaporizers boasts of being the most portable vaporizer in the globe weighing about 90.2 grams, so small and absolutely concealable giving you a maximum discretion. It is referred to as an ultra portable dry herb vaporizer and this constitutes one of its major selling point. On the other hand, the boundless CFx is way bigger than the pax 2 vaporizer weighing about 208grams just a bit under a half pound. The CFx vaporizer is not the perfect vape to conceal as it promises little or no discretion to users. So compact in nature, having a unique outer finishing which serves a grip when held.

In terms of vaporizer technology, the pax 2 which is a revolutionary vape comes with an inbuilt temperature control system which allows users vape herbs at 4 different but default temperatures, thereby allowing users make the most of their herbs. The pax 2 vapes constitutes one of the most efficient and reliable vaporizer of all times. On the other hand, the vaping technology of the boundless CFx is also greatly impressive, the CFx has a large sized oven which can accommodate about 0.5gram of dry herb in its ceramic heating chamber. Featuring both conduction and convection heating methods makes the CFx an outstanding vaporizer and gives it an edge over the pax2 in terms of vapor quality. Overall the pax2 still takes the lead in terms of vapor technology.

Both the pax2 and the CFx are top quality vaporizers and as such the vapor quality for both devices are commendable. Both vaporizers produces quality vapor continuously almost at an instant. I choose to stay with the boundless in terms of vapor quality because the dual heating methods gives the vapor an extra magical taste.

The CFx just like the pax 2 uses replaceable and rechargeable lithium ion batteries just like most portables out there in the market. The pax2 has a magnetic USB charging dock and boasts of more efficiency than the CFx. Both units have a charging time of 2 to 3 hours. The CFx can vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates while the pax2 vaporizers only dry herbs.

In conclusion, both vapes are quite similar in functions. So if you desire a quality and portable vape unit that gives a maximum discretion where ever you go, while producing consistent vapor clouds, then the pax 2 should be you choice. But if you desire a vaporizer that is extremely powerful, delivers quality clouds in short time and is very easy to clean and maintain, then the boundless CFx would satisfy your cravings.

In terms of cost, the CFx is a very cheap and affordable especially for its quality.

Both devices are extremely good and commendable, so it comes down to choice or preference.