It is no new story that vaporizers are the latest and best methods of delivering good and quality flavors to users of plant materials particularly cannabis users. Few years ago, the idea of vaporizers was not welcomed by many in the smoking industry because they felt it would only cause more harm than good but with researchers and scientists working tirelessly, testimonies are beginning to spring up from the vaping community about the advantages of vapes over other conventional methods of consuming weed. Now the idea of vapes is almost synonymous to smoking as an act and it seems impossible to go anywhere these days without coming across persons puffing away on a vape pen or on a portable. All vapes whether dry herb or concentrates, portables or desktops, all work in a similar manner which is either employing conduction or convection heating methods to heat up herbs in the oven rather than burn them as it is peculiar to smoking and hence releasing the active ingredients in your plant material at just the right time before it reaches combustion temperature. Weed vapes which is our subject focus for this write up functions in a similar way to vaporize cannabis (weed), thereby releasing THC and CBD which constitutes the active ingredients in weed. This active ingredients in weed when released in the right quantity produces the high feel one gets from cannabis and also the source of the health benefits attributed to weed.

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Many persons are still nurturing this misconception between dry herbs vaporizers and weed vaporizers. This is not our aim for this article but let’s get this straight, not all weed vaporizers are dry herb vaporizer and this is because weed can exist in both dry herb form as well as concentrate form. So have it at the back of your mind. Weed contains THC and CBD which are referred to as the active ingredients of weed and it has been discovered overtime that most dry herb vapes do not have the capability to deliver active ingredients without a considerable % of loss, this is the major reason why we have special vapes for cannabis known as weed vapes or marijuana vapes as many would love to call it.

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Vaporizers in general have become so popular because of its very many benefits and weed vaporizers is not any different, and as a matter of fact weed vapes are even becoming more popular by the day among other kinds/ types of vaporizer and this is because there are serious concerns regarding the use of marijuana for medical purposes. While others believe that weed for medical application is not factual, many others like myself believe and are convinced that medical marijuana (weed) has proffered lots of solutions to several health challenges ranging from basic glaucoma, asthma, insomnia to complex epileptic seizures and even reversal of carcinogenic effects. So many health benefits associated with weed and this has been the major reason for the newly found popularity of weed vapes all over the vaping industry. With the advent of portable vapes, several manufacturer are now incorporating medical capabilities into their products and it is quite difficult to see any portable and even desktop that does not support the use of weed.

Cannabis or weed concentrates have been said to have the highest potency of THC and this is tuning the frequency of consumers from weed in flower forms to weeds in oils or concentrate form thereby making weed vapes even more popular by the day.

Despite the fact that there are so many giants in the weed vape manufacturing industry doesn’t mean one should purchase any weed vape he/ she comes across because weed vapes are very sensitive vapes which must possess the right design and build up to function effectively.

There are tons of weed vapes out there in the vape market, some of which have distinguished themselves in such a way that they can be addressed as the best weed vapes in the industry. Some of these vapes includes the Arizer solo2, storz and Bickes Mighty and the Davinci IQ vaporizers. We are going to be reviewing these three distinct and amazing vapes not just as dry herb vapes but as weed vapes.

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The Arizer solo 2 is one of the biggest and most popular vape manufacturer in Canada and when they released the solo 2 series, which was the successor to the tested and trusted solo 1, the success in terms of patronage and publicity was massive. The solo 2 is a do –everything vaporizer and when it comes to vaporizing weed it operates at an optimal level of excellence. The solo 2 has a full digital temperature control system with a temperature range between 122˚C to 428˚C with an ultra-fast heating system to deliver your THC and CBD in just 28 seconds. Quite commendable I must say. The battery life of the solo 2 features quite a significant improvement as compared to its predecessor (the solo 1). The solo 2 is an amazing vape when it comes to vapor quality and it is quite affordable at least for what it features.

The Mighty vaporizer by storz and bickel is such an amazing vape which delivers quality THC and when it comes to functionality and precision, the mighty features on top of the list of portable vapes in the industry. The temperature control of the mighty depicts the level of precision the mighty features,. I will recommend you buy the mighty weed vaporizer because it is one of the most consistent vaporizer in the entire market. Less I forget the amazing battery life of the mighty, the mighty really proved that their product name is not just a name but a virtue. The only downside of the mighty is the fact that it is not really a fashionable device but it bags a plus on every other vape feature you can think of

The Davinci IQ vape is one of the most portable weed vaporizers of all times. As the name IQ implies, the davinci IQ is a very intelligent vaporizer that comes with all the advantage. Featuring a 100% zirconia air path, the IQ delivers quality and pure vapor flavors that is second to none in the industry. The smartApp incorporation of the IQ crowns it king over all the portable weed vaporizers in the industry.

So in conclusion, weed vapes have become so popular that you can find them on every corner in the vape market but to be sure of a good and quality hit from a weed vape, these 3 above listed vapes constitutes the best. You can find them and other amazing weed vapes likes the Pax 3 and Firefly 2 all on Namaste